About SonarClick

We are a Performance Marketing Network in the process of expanding, with our base in Spain.

The name SonarClick is derived from the word “sonar” and the idea that a device of this type aims to detect and locate objectives in the surrounding area.

Our DNA is based on listening to, searching for and detecting the needs of our advertisers and publishers to ensure a positive ROI for both, seeking top quality in the acquisition of users and the best possible offers for promotion.

We strive to build a close relationship with all of our advertisers and publishers in order to generate a much more constructive work environment.

Why work with us?

Given that we only work for results, our fundamental objective is to create a win-win-win relationship between advertisers-network-publishers using different formats: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPI, CPE and CPS.

For this reason we take special interest in adapting to the needs of our advertisers, seeking to build a fully transparent, long-term relationship founded on honesty in order to achieve qualified leads and quality traffic with zero tolerance of fraud, therefore obtaining positive profitability from the outset.

We also offer full support to our publishers to monetise their traffic and help optimise their income via differing strategies, new landing pages, personalised offers and other tools and optimisation techniques.


Advertisers & Agencies

Are you an advertiser, agency, app developer or service provider looking to find the correct client and maximise your ROI?
Pay for results
Different formats: CPA, CPL, CPM, CPI, CPE and CPS
Premium traffic
Long-term collaboration
Immediate, dedicated support
Exclusive protection against fraud
Strict publisher approval system
Close relationship

Affiliates & Publishers

Are you a publisher, media buyer, webmaster, app developer or platform hoping to monetise your traffic and increase your income?
Timely payments
Exclusive landing pages
Personalised service
Immediate support
Diverse payment methods
High payouts
Additional strategies and techniques
Zero tolerance of fraud