We are SonarClick

Constantly listening out for, seeking and detecting opportunities.

We are a Performance Marketing Network in the process of expanding, with our base in Spain.
The name SonarClick is derived from the word “sonar” and the idea that a device of this type aims to detect and locate objectives in the surrounding area
Our DNA is based on listening to, searching for and detecting the needs of our advertisers and publishers to ensure a positive ROI for both, seeking top quality in the acquisition of users and the best possible offers for promotion.


SonarClick was founded on strong, solid values: transparency and honesty.

As such, we listen to our clients and always strive for the service that best adapts to their required needs in order to maintain transparency and long-lasting collaboration while detecting all manner of opportunities.


We pride ourselves on offering immediate support to all our clients, detecting and solving any obstacles to the optimisation of efficiency while also improving results.


SonarClick works only for results and reliability is the main characteristic that defines us, with the basis of our DNA being to focus attention on quality of traffic and conversions, guaranteeing a positive ROI to therefore build a long-term relationship with our advertisers as well as our publishers and affiliates.

Our team

Effort, positivity and innovative ideas are the three key principles that endorse us and help us to grow day after day. We have extensive experience in the sector and diverse contacts and references who will underline this.

Advertisers & Agencies

  • Large network of publishers
  • Pay for results
  • Quality acquisition of users
  • Fraud detection tools
  • Global scope
  • Close, long-term collaboration
  • Highly segmented users
  • No commissions or monthly fees

Affiliates & Publishers

    • Exclusive offers
    • High Payouts
    • Extra support and assistance
    • Access to exclusive pre-landing and landing pages
    • Timely payments
    • Net 30, Net 15 and Net 0 payments
    • Statistics in real time
    • Zero tolerance of fraud