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At SonarClick we take a zero tolerance approach to fraud, protecting our advertisers as safely as possible.

For this reason, we have a strict approval system for publishers that consists of the following stages: verification by email, references from other networks, and a telephone or Skype interview to discuss promotion strategies and methods.

Generally, we seek people who are already established in the sector but if you are new to affiliate marketing and you have quality traffic get in touch with us and we will evaluate the possibility of collaboration.

Of course. We work with specialised people such as media buyers and marketers as long as they impress us at interview and demonstrate their experience in the sector.

Yes. We work with people from anywhere in the world as long as they pass our approval system.

At SonarClick we are more than a simple network, which is why we want to help you generate more income. For this reason, the publishers that see a decent level of activity on our network are offered pre-landing pages to promote offers.

We never share the pre-landing pages of our publishers and affiliates. These pre-landing pages stem from different external tools such as AdPlexity, WhatRunsWhere, Adbeat, Mobile Ad Scout, Adult AdSpy and similar tools, as well as those made by our own design team.

We offer Net 30, Net 15 and Net 0 payments. Weekly and bi-monthly payments. The first payment is always made using Net 30 in order to check the quality of your traffic.

If, after this period of time, you wish to improve your payment time frames, contact your Account Manager to request this.

The minimum billing balance for the issue of a payment is $/€100. If the minimum balance is not reached, income will be accumulated until the next payment to be made.

ATTENTION: There are offers that have a payout in euros and others in dollars (USD) We pay in the currency of the offers you have generated. If you have generated with offers from both currencies we will make you 2 payments, one in euros and one in dollars and there will be 2 self invoices.

The minimum payment by bank transfer is 500€/$.

The minimum payment by PayPal is 100€/$.

At SonarClick we have Net 30, Net 15 and Net 0 payments. What you generate this month, you will receive on the 30th of the next month.

For example, with Net 30 if you generate €/$100 during the month of April, you will receive this amount on the 30th of May.

With Net 15, if you generate €/$100 during the month of April, you will receive this amount on the 15th of May.

With Net 0, if you generate €/$100 during the month of April, you will receive this amount during the first week of May.

Our payment methods include PayPal , bank transfer (wire), skrill, epayments and Payoneer.

We are assessing the possibility of adding further payment options in the future, such as Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller and others, according to the preferences of our publishers and affiliates.

The minimum payment by bank transfer (wire) is  500€

The minimum payment by PayPal is 100€

With payoneer, only €

Once your account is opened, you will have to follow some steps in order to get your money and then the payments will be done each month automatically according to the billing period of your account.

Steps to be followed in order to send your payments and get the revenues generated in your account:

  • Complete your profile with your personal data (full name, address…)
  • Send your identity card to finance@sonarclick.com
  • Do not forget to complete your payment information!

Once you have completed those three steps you can forget about doing more paperwork and focus only in earning money with our offers.

ATTENTION: If you are self-employed and reside in Spain remember that you have to send us (finance@sonarclick.com)the percent of retention that will be applied to your invoice.

  • If you are self-employed and reside in Spain, your invoice will have a retention for personal income tax (15% usually) and the VAT.
  • If you are a company based in Spain, your invoice will only have the VAT.

This often happens due to three simple reasons. If your case is not one of the following you must contact your manager!


  • Case 1: Some of your conversions have been invalidated by the advertiser due to wrong data, fake, duplicities, not allowed techniques of promotion or fraud by the publisher (have in mind that we pay our publishers if the advertiser pay us)
  • Case 2: The commissions (from any payment method) are in charge of the affiliated. This commissions can vary due to both the payment method or the affiliated country of origin.
  • Case 3: Are you from Spain and self-employed? Marketing Performance Solutions S.L. (us) is a company based in Spain so we are governed by the Spain tax laws. It is because of this (Public finances) that we are bound to retain 15% of the total amount for personal income tax. This is a tax for natural persons that we pay to the state in your name and is shown in the tax draft of your return.

Yes. This consists of a 5% commission per affiliate referred during 12 months. In other words, you will earn 5% of all the income of your referrals over the course of 12 months.

This percentage may be negotiated if you have a method or strategy that will see you provide us with a high number of referrals.

Your account may have been suspended due to inactivity or fraudulent activity. In the event of the former, contact your Account Manager or send us an email so we can reactivate your account.

If your account has been suspended due to fraudulent activity, contact us with proof of the quality and origins of your traffic. Although generally you will not be able to be accepted again as we have ZERO fraud tolerance.

Your Account Manager will offer a close, personalised relationship, guiding and helping you to select the best campaigns and offers, combining these with unique landing pages to improve CR and enabling you to achieve maximum profitability.

In general, we admit all types of traffic with the exception of incentive traffic.

However, every offer has its restrictions, meaning you must review the offer description in order to understand what traffic may be used in the promotion of each one.

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